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For many years, video conferencing has played an important role in business collaboration. But today, there are many more options and possibilities to choose from.

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Video & Audio Conferencing
Connect offices around the world while saving on travel costs. FE Solutions makes it easy with customized video conferencing solutions.

Multiply Your Company's Communications Capacity

Meetings may now include multi-site participants, content sharing, annotation, and whiteboarding. Ideas can be shared in multiple locations, in real-time. 

Video collaboration brings people together to communicate more effectively and share ideas, expanding the capabilities of traditional video conferencing. 

Implement Standards-Based Video Conferencing

Deploying standards-based video conferencing solutions creates consistent technology in meeting spaces throughout a business or organization.  Users can confidently initiate and join video conferencing sessions knowing that their meeting experience will be consistent in every room and geographic location.

This standards-based approach heightens the user experience and improves scheduling flexibility, allowing your team to make the most of every meeting space.      

Implement Standards-Based Video Conferencing

Initiate Collaboration with Huddle Rooms - Small Space, Big Benefits

Right-sized meetings, impromptu work sessions, and meetings with remote team members are all made better with a properly outfitted huddle room. Huddle rooms provide companies with the flexibility to set up smaller, more cost-effective conferencing hubs within their office space.

Huddle Rooms typically feature the following equipment:

  • Video conferencing solution
  • LCD or LED display
  • A small central table
  • An interactive or regular whiteboard

There are numerous reasons why huddle rooms are essential to collaboration and the success of individuals and teams in the modern workspace.  Huddle Rooms provide:

  • Video conferencing solution
  • Small quiet spaces
  • An environment that helps remote workers feel included
  • Meeting spaces that require no reservation
  • An efficient use of office space
  • A flexible approach to getting work done in a less formal space 

Customized Solutions for Your Video and Collaboration Challenges

FE Solutions understands the importance of effective communication.  We work with businesses to help define collaboration need and goals, assess the current infrastructure , then present solutions that will take the business to the desired level of video collaboration.

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