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12933 Brittmoore Park Dr, Houston, TX 77041


FE Solutions offers innovative digital signage solutions across many different verticals and organizations, including corporate, education, healthcare, and worship facilities.

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Modern digital signs can do more than convey a static message.Digital signage keeps people engaged and informed about your organization. From smart kiosks, to company information and achievements, to emergency alert notifications, digital signage keeps your business current and your employees and customers informed.

Complete Signage Solutions

The latest digital signage solutions provide the flexibility to distribute content across an organization’s network,  saving time and simplifying the process of providing current information. 

We provide all of the elements of a digital signage solution: displays, the content, and the media players that drive content to the displays. We also provide a range of digital media solutions like cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid systems. 

FE Solutions can design, build, and deliver workflow processes and ongoing support that fit your operations and infrastructure, achieve your goals, and keep you on a path of using updated and current technology for reaching target audiences.

Solutions for Every Industry

Digital signage is informative, easily updated, and can provide an enhanced visit for guests waiting on services.

  • Healthcare Facilities – educate and entertain waiting room occupants.

  • Restaurants – display special offerings, menu options, upcoming events, and even wait times. 

  • Colleges, Universities and Malls – provide current news, interactive maps, and emergency alert notifications.

  • Retail Stores – announce sales, new products, holiday hours, and parking availability information.

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