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Interactive displays are transforming learning institutions and businesses. In the last decade, there has been an increase in the application of audiovisual technology that helps create collaborative environments for both corporate and education facilities.

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Interactive displays and whiteboards help create dynamic learning environments, allowing for greater collaboration and active learning interaction in conference rooms, training facilities, and classrooms.

The benefits of interactive learning environments include:

  • Improved collaboration.
  • More active learning opportunities.
  • Increased options for peer-to-peer learning.

Elevate Learning in Schools and Higher Education

Interactive displays provide unique collaboration experiences.  Today, students are looking for meaningful, immersive experiences that impact their learning and their lives. They’re used to consuming audio and video information at the press of a button, and they want that type of experience in their classrooms. Students seek interactive learning with peers and faculty.

Software paired with interactive displays provides instructors the capability to build new lesson plans in real time, share and save lessons, and record class work sessions.  Additional features include student polling and voting, student-to-student screen and idea sharing, annotation and remote interaction with instructors and students.

Corporate Solutions

Companies are continuously looking for new ways to interact and collaborate with colleagues and customers.  Interactive displays provide an innovative workspace to help your team collaborate easier, faster, better, making meetings more effective so your company can focus on putting ideas into action.    

Interactive displays are equipped with remote connectivity and multiple touchpoints.  Collaboratively, employees can interact with a presentation at the same time or collaborate on a problem on their own devices, making changes to the meeting content whether they’re in the same conference room or working from home.  Taking notes, drawing diagrams, and adding multimedia files to meeting content are all possible through the software provided with the interactive display. 

 And when employees simply need to make a local presentation, interactive displays may be used for this purpose. 


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