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AV over IP is the new standard for delivering digital signals. By encoding and decoding video signals for transport, AV Over IP enables you to send video content throughout your organization using a standard network.

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IP networks are the infrastructure upon which a company’s technology resides.  In recent years, IT and AV infrastructures have begun to converge, allowing companies greater efficiencies in leveraging their existing infrastructure.

Scalable, Cost-Effective, Flexible Solutions

Points of consideration for a change to AV over IP: 

  • Security – network security is a high priority when designing a system.
  • Scalability – the solution should be easily deployed within an entire organization. 
  • Centrally Managed – an AV over IP solution should include levels of central control.
  • Ease of Use – the system design should be intuitive and easily managed. 
  • Standards-Based – the system should use standard equipment and not proprietary technology.

Let FE Solutions assess your current AV environment and determine whether AV over IP is the appropriate solution for your organization.

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