12933 Brittmoore Park Dr, Houston, TX 77041
12933 Brittmoore Park Dr, Houston, TX 77041


Conference rooms equipped with AVL systems are intended to provide meeting participants with the technology needed to present and exchange ideas and collaborate more effectively.

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Focus on Productivity: Automation technologies eliminate the need for manually planning for, and establishing all the connectivity required for various types of meetings.

Beyond productivity, automation technologies offer other advantages:

  • No more searching for multiple remotes – Rooms controlled by a touch panel interface eliminate the need to spend valuable meeting time looking for the right remote to control conference room devices. 
  • Easier Employee Training – One intuitive interface makes it easier to train the support staff to operate lights, AV, teleconferencing equipment and shades.
  •  Cleaner Design – Keep your boardroom and conference rooms free of cords, remotes, and other equipment that clutter the space.  
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